Coach Barry Baird

I've been coached by Barry for 13 years! From 5k to marathon, from sprint triathlon to Ironman distance. The greatest benefit of having a coach is not having to stress over if I'm over or under training. I put in the work, follow the plan, ask questions, give feedback and everything comes together on race day! My life is crazy busy sometimes, but Coach Barry is an important part helping me maintain a healthy lifestyle!

Charlene Alcorn

I highly recommend Barry Baird for your triathlon coach. He’s coached me on and off since 2014. I’ve had a lot of successes while being coached by him. Thank you Coach Barry!

Betsy Pierpaoli

Three words sum up Barry - Best Coach Ever. Barry has helped me through thick and thin and managed to get me to my goal. I haven't made things easy for him either, with surgery and injury but he always managed to work out a plan for me that suited my specific needs, and get me to the start line. Thank you Barry, you really are the best.

Cheryl Torr